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What is the "JAS" standard?

What is the "JAS" standard?
Update Time:2020-03-12

"JAS" stands for Japanese Agricultural Standard. "Japanese Agriculture and Forestry Standards" refers to standards formulated in accordance with the "Special Law on Agriculture and Forestry Standardization and Quality Labeling." In order to improve quality, rationalize production, regulate transactions and rationalize consumption of food, agricultural products, seafood and forest products, the government has established standards and inspections by development organizations. Set standards for the following forest products.

Items marked with the "JAS mark" indicate that they have passed standards and, in addition to the size, clarify the quality and performance that are difficult to see in appearance to make it easier for consumers. As a result, they are guaranteed to reach a certain level without performance errors when purchased or used.

Unfortunately, wood JAS products are not widely used. There are many reasons for this, but the standard may be difficult to understand, the trademark of the same product may be higher, or the middleman may feel that the trademark is not needed. There is a need to improve what is not available to consumers.