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2015 Canadian Timber China Forum held in Beijing

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2015 Canadian Timber China Forum held in Beijing
Issue Time:2019-04-09

On December 12, 2015, the Beijing-2015 Canadian Wood China Forum and the application of modern wooden structures in the healthy maintenance industry were held today at Crown Holiday Inn Chaoyang Youtang, Beijing. The event was organized by Canadian wood owners. The event attracted more than 250 professionals. Speakers at the forum included Mr. Zhu , Chief Expert of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, Regional Director of Healthy Family Care in Vancouver Coast, Canada, and the co-founder of Equilibrium Engineering Consulting Company, Canada.


A large number of studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between wood and human health. Living in wooden buildings or wood decoration environment has a clear relationship with reducing human sympathetic sensitivity, reducing stress level and improving attention. As China gradually buys into an aging society, the demand for healthy buildings is imminent. Because of its excellent comfort, livability and durability, modern wood structure building has become the first choice for owners.


The overall system of modern wooden structure architecture can provide solutions for supporting service-oriented and functional buildings of China's pension real estate projects, provide solutions for interior decoration and free partition of China's pension real estate projects with modern wooden structure component system, and conform to the promotion and promotion of green buildings, building energy conservation and building industrialization by the Chinese government at the macro level, and increase publicity. At the micro level, we should establish good communication channels and technical cooperation mechanisms with major brand developers to find project opportunities. Modern wooden architecture and Chinese traditional wooden architecture culture and humanistic spirit are in one continuous line, which can be applied and promoted in China's pension real estate projects and other types of real estate projects, and add a new movement to Chinese contemporary architectural culture.

Date of occurrence:2015-12-12