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How far Home industry "user thinking" ?

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How far Home industry "user thinking" ?
Issue Time:2019-07-30

How far Home industry "user thinking" ?

"User thinking" is a kind of thinking mode often mentioned by product managers, which takes user thinking as the starting point to solve user needs and thus promote continuous progress of products.

Users' thinking is not simply to cater to users' preferences, nor is it to lead users by the nose. It's a product that provides what users really want. To user thinking to research and development, in order to ensure that the product is more thoughtful than users. Thus creates the good public praise to win the brand praise.

From a marketing point of view, users think simply, which is also the common saying of most brands at present. But it's the product that really delivers. So how many of these acclaimed products are there in life?

In the household industry has been the industry trend to cover up the representative of user thinking. User demand is not obvious in the industry. Every time the industry changes, the industry comes up with new directions. Such as full house decoration, custom design and so on. However, it is not obvious in the actual implementation and solution of user requirements. It became a marketing gimmick rather than an actual revolution.

A careful analysis of the market reveals that China's consumption is undergoing a marked upward shift. On the one hand, the middle class with economic strength pursues differentiation. They hope to have a higher quality of life and are keen on foreign brands. And in this, it is very likely to give birth to a strong domestic brand out.


On the other hand, the sinking of the third - and fourth-tier market is still huge, on the one hand, consumption power has improved. On the other hand, consumers' aesthetic taste and consumption demand are different from those in first-tier and second-tier cities. They keep a low profile but the market potential is huge.

We cannot generalize when discussing requirements. In the positioning of customers to customers want to solve the needs of users. Novelty is a way to attract users. But a fresh can not eat all day, from the long-term start to establish brand image is critical. And brand image is no more than the two core products and services.


Users are not professional designers but professional experiencers, who have difficulty in understanding the design concept of products. But it can directly evaluate the practicability and use experience of the product. Merchants keep using new slogans, and the product has no real change, the experience is even worse. This nature is not user thinking, or stay in the business thinking how to earn more benefits.

User thinking is a more advanced development model, even if it is not mainstream now. The profit-oriented marketing mode of merchants will continue to dominate for a long time, but more and more enterprises from the perspective of user thinking will show excellent competitiveness.


It's important for companies to practice internal skills, especially when the industry is slowing down. Companies will focus on marketing to determine the outcome, but for the industry, the survival of the fittest is the real value of the industry.

Reference: anywood.com