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Talking about the importance of strengthening timber circulation management to the timber industry

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Talking about the importance of strengthening timber circulation management to the timber industry
Issue Time:2019-08-08

Talking about the importance of strengthening timber circulation management to the timber industry 

    For timber transportation, in 1990, the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Communications jointly formulated and implemented a nationwide unified timber voucher transportation management system, and set up a special timber inspection station to inspect and supervise timber transportation.  


    Domestically produced timber must have an effective timber business license and timber harvesting permit, as well as a quarantine certificate to handle the timber transport permit at the local forestry authority; the imported timber is processed by the forestry authority in the entry site with the entry formalities and the quarantine certificate. Transport permit. The timber transport certificate is valid from the point of departure of the timber to the end of the journey and must be accompanied by the goods.

So why should we strengthen the circulation management of wood?

    First, strengthening timber circulation management is the need to adapt to the current phase of forest resources conservation management and to maintain the safety of the timber industry.


    At present, due to the unbalanced development of urban and rural productivity at this stage, the slow growth of rural economy, the relatively low living standards of farmers, and the lack of environmental awareness, the concept of long-term dependence on transitional consumption of forest resources to maintain life has not changed. Therefore, protecting the development of forest resources has become an arduous and urgent task.


    The key reason why illegal and criminal activities of deforestation can be popular and long-term existence is that illegally harvested timber is acquired and can be sold and profitable. In some places, timber circulation is disorderly, there are more unlicensed circulation and processing of timber units. It is more common to illegally acquire timber. The illegal transport of timber cases is still rising, and destructive logging has been induced from certain procedures.


    In the case that the source management is not fully in place, strengthening inspection and supervision of timber circulation is an important and effective way to protect forest resources. It is a powerful guarantee for the implementation of timber voucher harvesting and voucher transportation system, and combating deforestation and forest prevention. The spread of the epidemic has an irreplaceable role.

    Second, strengthening timber circulation management is the need to maintain a normal timber circulation order, promote the healthy development of the forestry market economy, and build a harmonious society.


    Since the opening of the timber market, with the continuous demand of the market, the source of wood has continuously entered the consumption field. While promoting the development of the forestry industry, prospering the urban and rural economy, and improving the life of the forest people, there are always some lawless elements who have taken profits for the purpose of profiteering. The source of wood, after stealing timber gold, taxes, and fees, entered the market at a low price, disrupting the market order of fair competition and affecting the social stability of the forest area.


    To this end, strengthening timber circulation inspection and supervision, cracking down on illegal timber transportation activities, and maintaining normal circulation order are indispensable means to ensure the healthy development of the forestry market economy, safeguard the fundamental interests of forest farmers, and build a harmonious society in forest areas.

    Third, strengthen the management of timber circulation, and complement the current state of the country to eliminate evils.


    In some places, the evil forces will also be weak and difficult to manage and contract. They will take advantage of the opportunity to rob and steal private forests, which will not only damage forest resources, but also directly affect the stability and unity of forest areas and combat the enthusiasm of forestry circulators. Therefore, strengthening the inspection and supervision of timber transportation is also an effective means to promote the classification and circulation of forestry and to consolidate the reform of the collective timber circulation management system.