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Non-cracking "wood" does not exist

Non-cracking "wood" does not exist
Issue Time:2019-09-03

Non-cracking "wood" does not exist

The natural beauty of solid wood furniture has made many consumers fold it, but when it comes to purchase, it will ask the merchant a question, "will crack"? If the merchant says that "wood cracking of solid wood furniture is a natural attribute". Many people will be discouraged, Xiao Bian specially investigated and found that the cracking of the wood is actually a normal appearance, the wood without cracking does not exist!

Why do you say that? I have summarized the following three points here:

One is moisture content, which is one of the most common reasons for cracking of mahogany furniture. The moisture content of southern wood is relatively higher than that of northern wood. In order to balance, the dry air will continuously absorb moisture from the furniture, and the moist air will continuously “transport” water to the furniture. Even if it is produced in the same region, it will not be able to avoid this problem. In the north, the collective heating in the north, the air becomes dry, the water can only be maintained at 8 percent, the summer air is humid, and the water has risen sharply to 20%. The strong fluctuations make the furniture unable to adapt, resulting in internal dry and wet imbalance.

The second is the difference in temperature. Because mahogany furniture is natural and has active properties, it will expand and contract due to changes in the surrounding environment. When the temperature is high, the kinetic energy of the wood molecules increases, the average free path of the molecules increases, and thermal expansion and cold shrinkage occur. Therefore, the mahogany furniture is in an environment with a large temperature change, and the panel will expand and contract with the environment, and the two sides of the expansion joint are inconsistent. This is why spring and winter seasons, when manually drying wood, need to leave expansion joints. In order to avoid the coming of summer, the big side will rise and fall. On the contrary, the dried wood in winter will be reloaded after the New Year. When the summer comes, it will crack.

The third is the cracking of furniture caused by the incomplete processing of the process. If the drying is not processed before the sheet is processed, the furniture will be cracked. For example, the equipment is not advanced, the process is rough, and it has just been made, and the placement time is not long. In addition, glue is left in the corners during assembly. It also affects the natural shrinkage of wood.

The moisture content of different parts of mahogany furniture is also different. When the environment changes, the furniture will naturally crack due to the residual stress inside the wood. If the air is very dry, the furniture loses moisture and shrinks, and cracks appear on the surface. On the contrary, when the humidity of the air increases, the furniture will absorb the water to expand, and in severe cases, the timber structure will be broken!

The surface of the furniture is like human skin and hair, and it will crack if it lacks water. Even if you spend 60,000 pieces to buy and buy furniture that people buy for 6,000, as long as the maintenance is not appropriate, the same will crack! And once cracked, it is difficult to recover.

Reference: anywood.com