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On the flow of | international timber trade

On the flow of | international timber trade
Issue Time:2019-09-17

On the flow of | international timber trade

Introduction: with the process of world economic integration, any country must develop on the basis of the development of other countries. Trade between countries is closely linked. Wood resource is a recyclable and renewable resource, forest is the raw material of wood, it is also a resource that can grow several times.

Timber is an indispensable material resource in the national economy and has been promoted to the strategic material field of the country. Therefore, it is very important to understand the main flow of international timber trade.


Russia is rich in forest resources, especially in Siberia and the far east, and is one of the major producers of timber in the world. Russian timber is mainly sold to China, Japan and other east Asian countries and European countries.

The United States:

The United States is rich in forest resources, mainly coniferous forest and broad-leaved forest, with high timber extraction technology and processing technology. While meeting the domestic demand, it also exports a large amount to east Asia and a small amount to Europe and other world markets.


Canada's timber production is far greater than its domestic timber demand, and its timber is mainly exported to the United States. There is a lot of two-way trade between north American countries, and the trade flows are mainly from Canada to the United States. In addition to the American market, there are also many exports to Europe and southeast Asian countries.

Southeast Asia:

Southeast Asia each country is the main producing country of tropical broadleaf log, export log to east Asia, export sawwood to the United States and Europe, but because in last few years southeast Asia each country forbids illegal cutting and the policy that restricts lumber to export, bring about this one important lumber to supply land in the future the supply circumstance of world lumber is not allowed optimistic.

Latin America:

Latin America and Africa have relatively backward economies, small demand, small population and abundant forest resources, while Africa is a net importer, while Latin America has a small trade volume, and Latin America's timber is mainly exported to North America and Europe.


China is a major importer. Due to the low per capita forest occupancy and relative lack of forest resources, the gap between supply and demand is increasing year by year due to the development of real estate and construction industry in China. China mainly imports timber from Russia, the United States, southeast Asia and other countries to meet the demand.