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What is the focus of the particle board industry market?

What is the focus of the particle board industry market?
Issue Time:2019-09-26

What is the focus of the particle board industry market?

 Particleboard plays an important role in the wood-based panel industry because it requires the lowest raw materials of all types, regardless of the tree species or specification of wood material, thinned wood, wood processing residues, recycled wood ( Such as urban waste wood, etc., and even annual woody plants, etc., can be used as raw materials for the production of particle board.

Particleboard classification:

1. Particleboard is the most economical and resource-efficient product of wood-based panel products.

2. Particleboard according to product density: low density (0.25g ~ 0.45g / cm3), medium density (0.55g ~ 0.70g / cm3) and high density (0.75g ~ 1.3g / cm3) three.

3. According to the slab structure: single layer, three layers (including multiple layers) and a gradual structure.

4. According to water resistance: indoor water resistance and outdoor water resistance. According to the arrangement of shavings in the slab, there are two types of directional type and random type.

       In recent years, with the continuous maturity of wood-based panel technology, particleboard made of non-wood materials such as cotton stalks, hemp stalks, bagasse, rice husks, and cement wood board and cement particle board made of inorganic adhesive materials have emerged. 

Market direction of the particleboard industry:

Generally speaking, the quality of China's particleboard products is uneven. Some small-scale workshop-style production lines are not stable enough in quality and environmental performance is difficult to meet the requirements, but they still occupy market share at low prices. The imported production lines are concentrated in Fujian and Guangdong. , Jiangsu and Jilin Province. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of particleboard production technology and the gradual improvement of the society's awareness of particleboard, the application range and field of particleboard are expanding, and the market demand is growing steadily.

The furniture market will also be the main focus of the particleboard market:

Among the three man-made boards, nearly 65% of particleboard and medium (high) density fiberboard are used for furniture manufacturing (about 50% of plywood). According to statistics, China's furniture industry has grown at a rate of 15% per year since the 1990s. In 2008, China's exports of furniture and parts reached US$269.118 million, an increase of US$476.478 million over 2007. With the transfer of rural surplus labor in China and the advancement of urbanization, the particleboard industry has huge room for development.

The building and decoration industry is another industry of concern for the development of the particleboard industry:

The dual economic phenomenon in China, there is a large amount of surplus labor in rural areas. Due to geographical restrictions and labor conditions, a large number of hidden surplus labor marginal productivity is extremely low, the introduction of national three rural policies and the first land transfer in individual areas. Farmers' participation in social security and urban hukou reform will further accelerate the transfer of rural labor and urbanization.

At present, China has entered the stage of accelerating development of heavy chemical industry. In the future, the urbanization rate will increase by one percentage point per year. By 2020, the urbanization rate will exceed 50%. By then, more than 200 million farmers will become urban residences. The development of the real estate industry provides huge market support. This will definitely bring a wave of demand for particleboard.

Reference: anywood.com