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Our particle board factory: Kelin passed the China Ten Ring Certification and became a more trusted brand of plates for consumers!

Our particle board factory: Kelin passed the China Ten Ring Certification and became a more trusted brand of plates for consumers!
Issue Time:2019-11-21

Our particle board factory: Kelin passed the China Ten Ring Certification and became a more trusted brand of plates for consumers!

China Ten Ring Certification

     After half a year of audit work, Kelin particle board successfully passed the China Tenth Ring Certification-China Environmental Labeling Product Certification issued by Central United (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd. authorized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China in early November. The highest and most authoritative environmental product mark and certification issued by the Chinese government's environmental department is the most trusted product mark of consumers.

      Up to now, Colin has passed the US CARB, EPA, NAF aldehyde-free exemption certification, Japan F**** certification, China forestry industry aldehyde-free certification, FSC-COC/FM certification, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, ISO18001 certification, ten A full range of domestic and international certifications such as ring certification, and at the same time passed the inspection process of top home and real estate companies such as IKEA, Europa, Sofia, Weishang Home, Zhibang Home, My Le Home, Vanke Real Estate, etc. Suppliers, compared with similar sheet products, have obvious advantages and are more reliable sheet products for consumers and home furnishing companies.


      The graphic of the Chinese environmental label consists of the center of the green hill, the green water, the sun and the surrounding ten rings. The center of the graph represents the environment in which humans depend for survival. The ten rings on the periphery are closely combined, and the rings are closely linked to indicate public participation and jointly protect the environment. The whole sign means "the whole people unite to jointly protect the environment on which human beings depend." On October 24, 2006, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of Government Procurement of Environmental Labeling Products", and issued the first "Government Procurement List of Environmental Labeling Products" in China - the government procurement list of environmental labeling products. Government procurement is required to select environmental labeling products. Furniture products purchased by government or state-owned large-scale real estate enterprises must choose environmental labeling products.

     In recent years, the State Council has emphasized in the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Circular Economy", "Decisions of the State Council on Implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development and Strengthening Environmental Protection" and the State Council's Notice on the Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction: Vigorously use environmental labeling products and vigorously promote environmentally friendly consumption patterns. This environmental labeling product has some obvious advantages.

Bidding advantage

     The appraisal method of the bidding documents stipulates that "the products to be tendered are 5 points of the products in the catalogue of the "Government Procurement List of Environmental Labeling Products" formulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection." It has great advantages for the bidding of government and state-owned real estate projects.

International mutual recognition advantage

     The China Environmental Label has signed mutual recognition cooperation and agency agreements with environmental labeling agencies in Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Thailand, Northern Europe and other countries. At the same time, China Environmental Label has also joined GEN (Global Environmental Labeling Network) and GED ( The Global Environmental Product Declaration Network has become a member of the international community of environmental labels, which provides a powerful weapon for Chinese companies to cross green trade barriers.

Consumer choice advantage

     Chinese consumers have a very deep understanding of the ten-ring products. When choosing home, home appliances and other household items, they are more inclined to purchase products that have passed the 10-ring certification. The 10-ring products are not only qualified, but also meet specific environmental requirements, and similar products. Compared with environmental advantages such as low toxicity, low pollution, resource and energy conservation, it is a product that consumers are more reliant and inclined.

      The successful completion of the ten-ring certification fully demonstrates that Colin particleboard products and production processes have greater environmental protection, low toxicity and less harm, and save resources and energy. Colin not only holds most of the authoritative sheet certification at home and abroad. At the same time, it is also the designated plate brand of top domestic and foreign home furnishing enterprises (IKEA, Europa, Sophia, Shangpin Home, Zhibang, Ile, etc.) and first-line real estate enterprises (Wanke, etc.).

     With the continuous improvement and optimization of Colin product quality and system, it is believed that Colin will develop into a top domestic plate brand in the near future. Will serve more brand furniture companies and consumer families. Colin will continue to create more and better healthy plate products with the concept of using modern technology and making healthy plates, giving back to customers and serving the society!