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Precious Wood-Japanese cypress

Precious Wood-Japanese cypress
Issue Time:2020-01-07

Precious Wood-Japanese cypress

1.Wood characteristics of Japanese cypress

Japanese cypress is an evergreen large tree of the genus Cypress, which is up to more than 40 meters in origin and 1.5 meters in diameter at breast height. It is used for construction, furniture, doors and windows, boats, pillars, bridges, joinery and fine arts. Timbers such as cypress, arborvitae, cypress, and thuja are all high-grade commercial timbers in the world. In the Chinese history, the use of alder writers has a long history. Although alder is a coniferous wood, due to its excellent material, the industry uses the same materials as hardwood, mahogany, yellow pear, chicken wings, beech, nanmu, and iron. Knife wood, cypress wood, and elm wood are collectively referred to as the 10 most commonly used woods in Ming and Qing furniture, especially in recent years, cypress wood has been hailed as a new noble in the wood industry. Its main features are as follows:


(1) The wood color is beautiful, the difference between heart and sapwood is obvious, the sapwood is yellowish white, the heartwood is yellowish white, reddish white; the air-dry density is 0.34-0.44 (average 値)-0.54 g / cm3, the structure is fine, Uniform, straight texture, stable material properties, small shrinkage, not easy to deform, heavy and tough texture;

(2) The texture of the material surface is delicate and oily, with natural fragrance and luster; it is resistant to decay, low water absorption, and durable; easy to dry and cut, especially good planing performance, smooth and flawless cut surface, glue and finish Good performance, easy to split without nailing.


In addition to the above-mentioned excellent wood properties and processing properties, the reason why sassafras wood is valuable is that it is different from most other woods in that sassafras alcohol and fendol have unique pharmacological effects and can kill bacteria and fungi. And protozoa, anti-corrosion, ant-proof, anti-mildew, can enhance the body's disease resistance, strengthen memory and concentration, and has high medical and clinical care value. For this reason, the selection of children's furniture made of cypress has become the favorite of many parents. For modern people who value environmental protection and health and desire to return to nature, purchasing cypress furniture and cypress interior decoration is an ideal choice.

2. Distribution and main origin

It is mainly distributed in Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and other regions, and is an important afforestation tree species in Japan. The main places of production are Nagano Prefecture (Kiso Prefecture), Gifu Prefecture (Higashi Prefecture), Shizuoka Prefecture (Tenryagi Prefecture), Mie Prefecture (Obi Prefecture), Okayama Prefecture (Mimasaka Prefecture), Nara Prefecture (Yoshino Prefecture), and Wakayama Prefecture (Kishu prefecture), Ehime prefecture (Ehime prefecture), Kochi prefecture (Shimanto prefecture), Kumamoto prefecture (Asunan township) and other places.

3. Resources and Log Production

Statistical data on March 31, 2017 showed that the area and accumulation of Japanese cypress plantation reached 2.6 million hectares and 740 million m3, respectively, accounting for 26% and 22% of the area and accumulation of plantations in Japan, respectively. The output of Japanese cypress logs in 2018 were 2.77 million m3 each, accounting for 13% of that year's log output.